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Jeff Thelander, School Superintendent shares his thoughts about Restoration Generation's School Assembly Program.

"The message Tom shared with our students hit home with many of them and was consistent with what we instill in them on a daily basis. I heard a number of positive comments from both students and staff. Tom helped reinforce what we try to teach our students everyday."

- Jeff Apse, Principal, Minnesota

"Thank you for your talk today. Our kids don't get to hear messages like that and they need to. Thanks so much for coming!"
- Randy Mecca, Teacher, Missouri

"Great message today. Keep doing what you are doing."
-Rachel Fletcher, Counselor, Arkansas

Lawton-Bronson MS/HS Principal Recommendation

"In a world full of confusing and conflicting voices, Tom Henderson is a fresh voice that students want to listen to."
- Bill Hoff, Principal, South Dakota

"Tom was able to get his message across in a fresh and unassuming way that really spoke to the kids. I have been teaching at my high school for the past 20 years and can honestly say this was one of the most valuable assemblies we have ever had. I highly recommend Tom as a speaker for your school."
- Mark Freundenburg, Teacher, California

"Your talk was so good today! Entertaining too!"
- Melissa, Student, Nebraska

"Thanks for what you shared in our school assembly today. My friend committed suicide 2 years ago and your message was exactly what we needed to hear."
- Daniel, Student, California

"Thanks for coming to my school today it was amazing!"
- Amanda, Student, South Dakota

"That was so much better than any other assembly we have ever had!"
- Ben, Student, Arkansas

Counselor testimony


"I can't even begin to tell you how good that was!"
- Melissa, Student, Arkansas

"Tom is definitely the best speaker we have ever had at our school."
- Josh, Student, California

"Thank you for what you shared today. I could really tell the kids were listening and soaking in your words. Great job!"
- Ashley, Parent, Missouri

"Tom's genuine passion for restoring our youth and their relationships is infectious and his communication style creates not only understanding in his listeners, but also places a desire within them to apply the truth that he shares to their everyday lives."
- Joe, Business Leader, South Dakota

"Heart, experience, passion, yet humble – that's why we booked him and why we think you should."
- Bob Lenz, Life Promotions, Wisconsin

"Tom has a winning personality, is an effective communicator and most importantly, a man of integrity.
Like me, when you meet him you know he is the real deal."
- Harry Thomas, Come Alive, Pennsylvania

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